Video Game Industry Finding Employment

In another article we have described a large number of educational opportunities hidden in video games. This time we will also present some job opportunities. 1. Work as a video game clerk. Working in a video game store or rental location, permanently or temporarily, has to be every teenage gamer’s dream. In one place, employees … Read more

Teen Video Game Obsession

Games can be addictive, but obsession is something else. The following article is for parents of a teenager who may be obsessed with video games and / or computer games. While we seem to encourage obsession in some of our other articles, we share a concern for teenagers who tend to avoid other interests in … Read more

Non Gambling Related Fun

Last month my wife, Anne Doe, took me to Las Vegas because she was going to a business convention. Needless to say, she writes for a casino guide and I hate gambling. But then she likes it and that supports us too, so I went ahead smoothly. At first I was depressed, but then when … Read more

Unique Myspace Layouts Nowadays

With MySpace becoming more popular every day, there is a constant need to be different. There are millions of users and many can even use the same designs. If your MySpace layouts are chosen well, it can greatly enhance your profile. This will also help you get more leads. But due to demand, it will … Read more

For Women Only Your Computer Usage Could Cost You

Few would say that despite the advances of feminism over the past three decades, women still face double standards when it comes to their behavior. While men’s borderline inappropriate behavior is often derided as “boys will be boys”, women face higher standards of conduct, especially in the workplace. That is why it is essential that, … Read more

To Protect Your Computer Wery Useful Tips

Today, many people depend on computers to do their homework, work, and create or store useful information. Therefore, it is important that information on your computer is stored and maintained properly. It is also extremely important for people who use computers to protect their computer from data loss, misuse and abuse. For example, it is … Read more