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The boat trailer is something you can’t really go wrong with, as it is a dual purpose device. It provides a convenient way to store the boat and also allows you to explore new areas by taking the boat on the road. Good trailers should perform both functions equally.

Most people who buy boats will bring the boat, but not the trailer. They are more than happy to spend money on a boat, and then end up with an inexpensive trailer. If you want to get the most out of boating, these tips will help you buy a trailer.

Choose larger diameter tires and wheels. Larger tires will spin less per mile, resulting in less tread wear and heat. Wheel bearings will also last longer, turning fewer times per mile.

– The total weight of the boat, equipment and engine must be within the average range of the trailer load capacity. You shouldn’t choose a 2500 capacity trailer if you have a boat of the same weight.

– Choose your trailer based on the environment it will work in. If you are going to sail in salt water, you will need a trailer for this. There are many types of trailers available, each designed for a specific type of boat. Make sure it’s made from 100% Teflexon, a friction-free plastic to prevent gelcoat sores from developing.

You should look for trailers with “racing” capabilities. This trailer guide will allow you to drive the boat on the trailer, next to the crane, so you only need to lift the boat a few inches.

– Choose trailer lights (for highway) protected and closed from water.

While most are protected from weather and rust, you should always choose the one designed for the type of terrain you will be using your boat on. That way, you don’t worry about your trailer not doing the job it should be. Some trailers allow you to unload in shallow areas, so make sure the electrical system and bearings always stay dry.

There are some trailers that have a spare tire which is a great investment for anyone planning to travel long distances. While trailer tires can be hard to find in the dark, it’s still nice to have a spare if you get a puncture while traveling. Most new trailers come with a manufacturer’s performance warranty, so order them even when used, some even have a lifetime warranty.

In general, a boat trailer can save you a lot of time and money in the long run if you invest in a good quality trailer. You can store your boat in the trailer when not in use and you can even take it to other lakes or oceans. The trailer will break new ground for you and your boat – all you need to do is find one you need and it’s easy to maintain.

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