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Nancy Lublin’s Crisis Text Line

A lot of teenagers use technology as the main means of communication as well as to air their distressing issues. For this reason, this serves as the main platform used to address most of their concerns and hence led to the research done by Nancy Lublin on the use of technology and data to save lives. The frequency of the use of technology was essential data needed for this study. Being aware of how this platform would help reach more teenagers, the need to expand this service was felt and hence the need for crisis management emphasis. Below are some of the ways in which she made the crisis text line work.

Messages are the most frequently used means of communication and should therefore be considered. For teenagers going through hard moments, a crisis text line was meant to help close this gap. Things that may make teenagers have hard times are inclusive stress and suicidal thoughts. This enabled people to train as counselors to help solve the teenage problems through the crisis text line and make it most effective. The use of this platform helps the counselors portray their abilities to help teenagers as well as gather relevant information for the needed research.

Nancy Lublin beyond helping teens one-on-one it helped provide data with implications for parents, teachers, and school administrators for better relations with their teens as a way of solving their psychological concerns. This is effective as a large audience can be addressed from different area codes any day of the week. This allows for all parties to gain access to this platform and hence gain the most appropriate management needed. Physical contact and discussions help a lot in the psychological monitoring of teenagers that need to be guided.

The use of this means of technology has aided in the surveillance of school counselors and their relationship with the kids and the response. Data collected from the crisis text line specialists help predict what’s going on with the teens they are communicating with. The use of this technology has been a positive elevation on the communication of teens in the most comfortable means. This means of communication being effective, Nancy Lublin has made efforts to help expand the use of the crisis text line to other countries to help reach a larger audience for their services and save lives among teens. This will be very much effective as it aids in the use of technology to help different people at different locations with the aim of stabilizing their emotions and ensuring that they get help. The text above explains the works of Nancy Lublin and her interest in the use of technology.

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