Microsoft Productivity Score and personalized experiences

When I think back to a few action-packed weeks, I am amazed at how much work has evolved in the last few months. And I know our clients feel it too. After a rapid transition to remote and hybrid business models this spring, organizations are now looking for sustainable ways to help people collaborate, be productive, and prioritize their long-term well-being. To help, we announced the general availability of productivity points this month to help you understand and improve the way work is done in your organization. We’re also investing in technology to help you include everyone in your digital transformation, from the information workers learning new ways to communicate and collaborate to the 2 billion customer service workers who need solutions that help them operate smoothly. safe, effective and giving the best of themselves to work.

Speaking of frontline workers, we are very excited to launch a new cloud healthcare offering from Microsoft to help teams on the frontline of patient care. Read on for more details on this, plus new features in Microsoft 365 to help people easily reserve physical workspaces, create Microsoft forms on the fly, make data more visible to Excel users , gain better visibility and control over your threat landscape, and more. . Let’s dig.

Support your digital transformation
This month, we announced two new offerings to help drive your digital transformation: Microsoft Productivity Score and Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

Measure and improve how your organization leverages Microsoft 365 to get work done – it’s imperative that people have the tools they need to do their jobs well. But tools alone aren’t enough – you also need to help everyone in your organization develop habits that harness the true power of those tools. Until now, it has been difficult for leaders to recognize these habits and understand how to help people make the most of the technology in which they invest. Productivity Score can help you by providing insight into how your organization is doing and information to identify where you can make improvements and actions you can take to update skills and systems so everyone can do their best work. To get started, open your Productivity Points in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Screenshot of teamwork productivity score
Transform the healthcare journey with connected and secure patient experiences: This month we announced the public availability of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, a cloud offering that brings together capabilities to empower teams, coordinate care, and build knowledge that helps improve patient outcomes and workflow efficiency. Meanwhile, the new Microsoft Teams EHR connector allows clinicians to initiate a virtual Teams visit from their electronic medical record system. Clinicians can also securely capture physician-patient conversations and put them in context within Microsoft teams. The new integration between Nuance DAX and Teams provides the ability to capture automated clinical documentation for virtual visits. These are just a few of the many new features that are now available as part of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

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